A Comparative Analysis of Motifs from Minoan and Hungarian Folk Art

Details of a Minoan jar with double twisted spiral motives (now in Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York). Fig. 2. Mycenaean gold cup. [Wikipedia: “Triskele” ...

A Comparative Analysis of Motifs from Minoan and Hungarian Folk Art - kapcsolódó dokumentumok

Details of a Minoan jar with double twisted spiral motives (now in Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York). Fig. 2. Mycenaean gold cup. [Wikipedia: “Triskele” ...

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Dr. Tamás FELFÖLDI, PhD habil. assistant professor. Head of the Doctoral School: Prof. Anna ERDEI, DSc university professor. Doctoral Program Leader:.

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Address for correspondence: Katalin Hegedüs ... Katalin Hegedüs, The SWOT analysis of Hungarian hospice palliative care ... Hegedüs K., Szy I. (ed.).

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